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Residential Heating

Winter heating contracts:

We provide our customers with the option of contracting propane for the heating season, (Oct.01 thru 4-01) at a fixed price, to protect customers from volatile price increases during the winter months. Terms of contracts include no money down and 15 days net after each delivery of propane. Large quantity users of propane receive a discount based upon their usage. Typically, we mail contracts to our customers sometime between June and August. We try to get the best possible price during the summer so that we can pass on the savings to our contract customers.
If customer does not desire a contract, they will be subject to current spot market pricing during the heating season. Sometimes this works to the customers advantage versus a set contract price. Often times though, it is in the customers best interest to at least contract some or all of the projected propane usage during the heating season for some price protection. We cannot control the market conditions or the logistical problems that can arise during peak demand in winter.

Summer Fill:

Take advantage of our discounted lower prices we offer during the summer and fill up your tanks prior to the heating season.

Tank Installation

We can set our tanks, 250, 500, and 1,000 gallon tanks based upon your anticipated yearly usage. We provide a first stage regulator and tank at no charge with no leasing fees or tank setting fees involved. Trenching, fittings, labor,  and poly tubing to second stage regulator will incur an installation fee based on length. After final installation is completed, we perform a leak test on the lines to insure that no leaks are present for your safety.


Customer owned tanks versus our tanks

If we own the tank, we will maintain tank valves, gauges, regulator on tank, make necessary repairs, repaint , reset setting blocks in the event that tank shifts to ensure safe and leak-free operation at our cost.  If there is a loss of gas from tank, we will gladly reimburse customer for lost propane. Many of our customers enjoy this peace of mind by having our professional servicemen maintain  the tank for proper operation for their families safety.
If a customer wishes to buy a tank and have us install it, an installation fee will be assessed depending on time and distance involved in completing the installation