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Propane Safety

If you suspect a gas leak, please leave your house immediately! Do not turn on or off any light switches or other sources of ignition as you exit. Call us from a neighbors phone or cell phone after you are outside.


When mowing around or near tank, keep a safe distance from tank to prevent impact. Some mowers are large enough to move tanks off blocks, or even rolled on side, this can be a hazard if the piping is disturbed. We urge extra caution when mowing or working around tank. We advise against planting shrubs or trees close to tank, this can interfere with filling  and maintaining tank as well as the roots from trees and bushes can disturb the ground under the blocks to raise or shift, causing a potential hazard. 

Emergency out of gas calls:

In the event that you notice that your tank is empty or almost empty, our response time to deliver propane is done in a timely manner. Unlike larger companies, our delivery drivers can be reached 24/7 to take orders on their mobile phones after hours. We currently do not charge an out of gas delivery fee like most propane companies on “will call customers”  within a 15 mile radius of our location. However, we ask that customers respect our time and give us sufficient notice to make a delivery. A good time to call and schedule a delivery is when your tank is between 15-20%.  This allows us adequate time  to schedule other deliveries in your vicinity. This saves us time and resources and ensures that all customers receive a competitive price.

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