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CGX-4® is a highly effective additive for propane engine fuel that improves the burning characteristics of LP-gas for better performance and economy. Much like detergent additives in gasoline keep your engine free from gunk, CGX-4’s® unique cleaning power removes harmful deposits and prevents future buildup of long chain hydrocarbons and other contaminants that cause combustion problems, inadequate upper end lubrication, and pre-ignition in the combustion chamber. Costly repairs and downtime are greatly reduced.

How does CGX-4® work?

CGX-4® has combustion-improving compounds that minimize pre-ignition in the combustion chamber prior to spark plug ignition of the fuel mixture. it also provide a more even burn upon ignition, increasing the efficiency of fuel combustion. Results include: higher pressures in the combustion chamber, increased power, more efficient fuel economy, and a very significant reduction in carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust gasses.

LPG often causes a buildup of long chain hydrocarbons in the engine’s vaporizer and carburetor systems. As buildup increases, the fuel does not vaporize effectively. The emulsifiers in CGX-4® slowly soften and remove buildup, which can interfere with engine operation. This oil-soluble substance holds insoluble foreign matter in suspension so the heavy ends are carried through the vaporizer and carburetor and are burned during the combustion process. A surfactant takes care of free water found in most LPG by dispersing the water and other liquid impurities into colloidal-size particles in the LPG. The emulsifier retains the suspension through to final ignition, after which it is expelled with the exhaust gas.

CGX-4® components lubricate the moving parts in the top of the combustion chamber that are not lubricated by crank case oil. This top oil is not completely vaporized in the combustion chamber because of its high flash point of 425 degrees Fahrenheit (218 degrees Celsius). This results in a light film coating to the cylinder walls, rings, and valves. The added lubrication increases engine efficiency, reduces operating temperatures, and prolongs engine life. Another noted benefit is extended life to all diaphragms, gaskets, and rubber parts due to the permeation and conditioning effects of top-oil.

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